on the bad runs.

There will be runs that don’t go right. Where you didn’t want to get out of bed, where you didn’t want to head back out after getting home, where you could think of a thousand and one things you’d rather be doing right now than running. Where your thighs are sore and your calves ache and your shoulders and back hurt with every step. Where your mantra morphs into a bargain, pleading with yourself to keep going, bribing yourself with the fact that if you keep going, you’ll be able to stop sooner. There will be runs where you’re overdressed and begin peeling away at layers like grafts of skin, and runs where you’re underdressed and keep running if only to try to stay warm. There will be runs when all you can think of is the donut you’ll get yourself at the end, there will be runs that leave you nauseous and runs that send you gasping for water. Not every run is a great one. Some suck, and some make you dread hills before you even see them, some make the downhill feel like active recovery, and sometimes the distance to the next tree feels like an eternity. Sometimes you leave your iPod at home because it looks like rain, and sometimes it doesn’t rain. Sometimes it pours and you don’t know what’s precipitation and what’s perspiration and your shoes squish as you slog along and you think to yourself that there is anywhere in the world you’d rather be than right here, right now, running like a maniac in the middle of a storm. But you need these runs, because these are the runs that strip you bare and test your mettle and remind you why it is you run. These are the runs that make you feel – and what you’ll feel is uncomfortable and wet and in pain and stressed and sore and tired and rough and stupid and futile and everything else you’re afraid to face in the rest of your life. These are the runs that you try to avoid, but you can’t avoid them forever. Because these are the runs that make you feel most alive.

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    This past Sunday was my first truly bad/awful/sob-inducing run. I was scheduled to do 11miles per my Jeff Galloway...
  4. 808enidan said: THIS. SO MUCH THIS! I was slated to do 11 miles on Sunday and I only managed 9. My feet hurt like a MOTHERFUCKER (that’s what I get for not washing my double-layer/anti blister socks in time) and it was just awful. AWFUL.
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